About Us

What will future generations of your family know about your life? How will your memories benefit your family on their life journey? So many questions but only one answer, which is giving the gift of sharing your why.

How do you share your Y? It is a combination of your love, your life, and your legacy in a digital recording. A ShareYourY legacy video will include stories about your family history, life lessons, and the faith you want to pass along. We will guide and document an insightful biographical interview in the comfort of your own home. This will be combined with family photos, letters, documents, and video footage. Beautifully edited together with music and graphics.

ShareYourY offers different packages to fit your budget. We will provide your final video in a digital file that is easy to share with the family. Your legacy video will be shared on your memorial page and at your grave site with an Image Gallery QR Code. Everybody has a story to tell – preserve your story before the memory of you, fades away.

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Jerry Hayes