Purcell Municipal Hospital



About Us

Welcome to PMH on the web. We couldn’t be more proud of this website. Our aim is to provide you with the online tools needed to educate you as a patient or patient advocate; to increase your awareness of your personal health and treatment options; and to develop your skills for navigating any healthcare system.

Looking past its functionality, the website symbolizes our desire to meet your needs locally. In fact, we strive every day to be your healthcare provider of choice. We realize that you have choices about which provider you use. It is our wish to be on the tip of your tongue or the top of your list when a health concern, problem, question, or need surfaces.

Purcell Municipal Hospital is your community’s commitment, investment, and effort toward your personal health. Many of your family, friends, and neighbors, working as staff, physicians, or on the PMH Board of Directors, breathe life into the hospital, providing PMH its ever changing character, spirit, and personality. In other words, they are PMH.

If we are to advance, we need your input. We want your feedback. I welcome you to write an email expressing your concern, your suggestion, and / or your praise. I assure you, my staff will take your concern to heart.


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